What is Lynda.com?

Lynda is an online resource that allows you to access thousands of online classes, courses and webinars. Class topics and depth range greatly, from computer basics to computer coding to video and photo editing.

Explore all kinds of different topics and skills and take in-depth classes all for FREE. New classes are being added all the time. 
Click on one of the above pictures or use the links in the directions below to access Lynda.com.


Course offerings include:

  • Basic PC Skills
  • Microsoft Office
  • Computer coding
  • 3D Modeling and Design
  • Digitial Photography
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Video / Audio editing
  • ...and much more

First Time Users

1. Click here the first time you access Lynda.com. 
2. Next, click on CREATE A PROFILE to begin. 
3. On the next screen type in your LIBRARY CARD BARCODE NUMBER and choose a password. 
4. You should now be logged into Lynda.com!

Returning Users

1. After you have set up an account, click here or on one of the banner links on subsequent visits and login in with your library card number and the password you created.

You can save your progress with your Lynda.com account and save classes to take for later.


Other Things to Know:

  1. Lynda.com is accessible ONLY for Leonia residents with valid Leonia Library Cards. 
  2. There are no limits for how many courses you can take or how often you can use Lynda.com
  3. You need to access Lynda.com FROM the library's website using one of our links. 
  4. You cannot use the Lynda.com apps to get access.
  5. You can only use a web browser when using a mobile device to get access. It is recommended that you use a computer or laptop for access.
  6. Five different people can be logged into Lynda.com at any one time through the library. If you can't get access, simply try again later.

This new service is being sponsored by Community Chest of Leonia.