Mission and Access to the Leonia Local History Archives

The Local History Archive contains resources relevant to Leonia only. The purpose of the collection is to provide access to the Borough's history through study and research. The primary mission is to acquire and preserve original documents and photographs related to that history. Further, to make those materials available to the public and future generations in digital format. 

Inquiries about the collection and materials can be sent to leoncirc@bccls.org or to 201-592-5770

Archive Rules - Download Archive Rules

  • In the archive no food or drink or the use of ink is allowed.

  • Pencils are provided.

  • Photocopying of original material is not permitted except in rare cases.

  • Photography is allowed (digital cameras work extremely well on printed matter).

  • Elementary age children should be accompanied by an adult.

  • Archival material may not be taken out.

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History of Leonia

Learn about the history of Leonia with this brief history of the town.
A Brief History of Leonia

The Leonia Library
Local History Collection includes:

  • Yearbooks (1926 - 2013)

  • Historical Pamphlets

  • Brochures, and flyers

  • Maps

  • Diaries and journals

  • Scrapbooks

  • Programs

  • Borough publications and records

  • Oral histories

  • Unpublished manuscripts

  • Photographs and slides

  • Artifacts

  • *Newspapers - our collection of Leonia Life newspapers is currently being digitized and is NOT available in physical format. Some years are currently available on our databases (8/29/09 - 11/11/16), but all other years in our collection are being digitized. These materials will be made available soon on our website.